Free Training Manual

Need To Know SEO is a “must have” SEO training manual, for website owners and do-it-yourself search engine optimizers.

Every day I waste way too much time on Facebook and I don’t come across anything that can be called new. I’m happy that I took the time to get away from that insignificance and discover something good to read.
– G. D.

This easy to follow online training guide, provides readers with detailed search engine optimization (SEO) information; and a step-by-step approach for improving search results…for FREE. That’s right. You can get Need To Know SEO for free.

Each online chapter contains detailed “need to know” SEO information, and valuable Industry tips/advice, to help you develop and implement effective do it yourself SEO strategies; guaranteed to improve/maintain search engine results.

This comprehensive online guide, offers easy to follow, step-by-step direction for:

  1. Conducting detailed market/competitor research.
  2. Choosing the best keywords/phrases.
  3. Constructing effective meta tags.
  4. Selecting a domain name.
  5. Hosting options.
  6. Writing great content.
  7. Effective search engine hand submissions.
  8. Improving/maintaining results.

In addition, your Need To Know SEO training manual includes re-usable worksheets, and complimentary Web references; to help you record and review important information.